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Councillor Elaine Jules

The Band Council of the Adams Lake Indian Band are the elected officials of the Band as per our custom Adams Lake Secwepemc Election Rules.

Elaine Jules

Elaine Jules


Tk’wemi’ple7 (Councillor) Elaine Jules

Finance and Administration Pillar

On March 3rd  2018, my people chose me to represent them as one

of the leaders of Adams Lake Indian Band; I was voted in as Councillor (Tk’wemi’ple7).  As a new Councillor, the first 6 months brought challenges as well as rewards.  ALIB has a new Council with the exception of 2 returning Councillors.  Every day, we work at finding our balance as Band Council.



I come from a huge family, my mother is the late Mary (Sampson)Jules and my dad is the late Grand Chief Harvey Jules.  My dad was Chief of Adams Lake Band for 32 years, while mother was busy raising their 11 children, foster children, nieces and nephews. I attended the day school on ALIB for the first few years, then attended Haldane and graduated from Chase Secondary.  Our Jules household motto was, “you get an education or you work”.  I started in the work industry at an early age.   Like my siblings, I gained my strong work ethics by working on our family ranch.



One day after realizing that the money I earned was not enough to help cover bills, I decided to go back to school.  Since I was out of school for 20 years, I started with up-grading.  I knew that I needed to get a degree but I didn’t know what kind of degree.  Going to university was scary, but I knew I needed to take the steps.  I completed my Bachelor of General Studies degree with a minor in FN Studies and a minor in Math. After completing my degree, I decided to go for my teaching certification; this was harder than getting my degree. Today I am a certified high school teacher.







As Councillor, I chose the Finance and Administration pillar with goals of financial accountability and transparency to membership. Other goals include creating, amending and updating policies that assist in the smooth operation of the ALIB administration.

Appointments to Boards and Committees

ALIB Committees:

–       Finance & Audit Committee

External Appointments:

– As a member of Council, it is necessary to represent ALIB by attending community and political engagements at all levels.


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