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Councillor Gina Johnny

The Band Council of the Adams Lake Indian Band are the elected officials of the Band as per our custom Adams Lake Secwepemc Election Rules.

Gina Johnny

Gina Johnny


Councillor Gina Johnny is assigned to the Sustainable Development Pillar.  Responsibilities include, but not limited to: provide advocacy, leadership on political issues related to the areas of lands, taxation and economic development. Role in planning and implementing the political agenda to address jurisdiction and/or rights of ALIB.

Sustainable Development Pillar

Councillor (Tk’wemi’ple7) Gina Johnny served as Councillor for ALIB for over 15 years.  Then was re- elected in by-election in January, 2016 for the remainder of the 2015 to 2018 term.    



Gina Johnny re Skwest, community member of Swetsmellp6 Salmon Arm BC te’ Cstelnec.

Sxelwe (husband) is Melton Charters, a member of the Nlakapamax Nation (Coldwater Band), our sqwsa7 (sons) are Mel and Ky.

Quote from the Swixweytec- Our Ancestral Voice:

“After several community & Comprehensive Community Strategic Planning meetings it was decided that the best way to ensure success in our community would be to streamline our administrative management process and connect the processes closely to a new governance model, a pillared structure -a Kukuli, where the community is held up by pillars (administrative departments)”.


I am Councillor for the Sustainable Development Pillar. It includes our Lands and Taxation Departments, as well as Economic Development corporation- Adams Lake Development Corporation.


I have an array of certification/work in the Education field, 2014 I received a Diploma & worked as Care Aide (2014), have a Diploma in Linguistics’ (Secwepemctsin). My interests are History, reading, learning to speak, read/write Secwepemctsin, family and community.

Yicwestsu’tce te T’kwe7miple

Gina Johnny

Appointments to Boards and Committees

ALIB Committees:

  • Comprehensive Community Strategic Planning Committee
  • Emergency Management Team, Logistics

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