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Mission Statement: To protect the cultural and social identity of the Band, maintain and strengthen the existing sense of community within the Band; and ensure continued peace and good order amongst the members of the Band.


Membership Rules ALIB 1996

Indian Registry and Band Membership maintains vital statistics records and the Adams Lake Band Membership list.

The Indian Registry is managed on behalf of Indigenous Services Canada (ISC).  ISC provides core funding, and the balance is provided by the Band’s own-source revenue.  Band Membership is funded entirely by the Band’s own-source revenue.

The program/department is managed by a certified Indian Registry Administrator.



Indian Registry

Indian Registry records the following vital statistics information for Adams Lake Membership:

•             Births

•             Marriages

•             Deaths

•             Divorce

•             Adoption

•             Name Changes


Status Card


For registered Adams Lake members, the program/department will provide a Certificate of Indian Status (CIS), a wallet-sized card verifying the holder is a registered Indian with Aboriginal Affairs.


Required Documents

•             Recent photo 2cm wide x 3cm high not a passport photo

•             (photos with hats/headgear, sunglasses, dark-tinted glasses, or bandanas will not be accepted)

•             Bring two pieces of ID (birth certificate, BCID etc.)

•             Bring your “old” status card with you when you renew your card.

•             Adult status cards are valid for five years from the date of issue; for minors under 18, cards are valid for three years.


Membership with Adams Lake Indian Band

Membership with Adams Lake Indian Band is guided by the Membership Code, and applications are reviewed and recommended by the Membership Committee and approved by Chief and Council.


Secured Certificate of Indian Status

(New Status Card)


Why do First Nations need a new card?


The Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) includes several security improvements to help protect First Nations individuals from identity theft while providing them with access to benefits and services. The existing Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) is either a paper-laminate or plastic card with very few of the security features now normally expected of a government issued identity document that provides access to benefits and services. This makes the card open to tampering and counterfeiting.


A project was initiated to address the need for increased security features on Status cards to reduce the risks of identity theft and forgery. This also helps to ensure the ongoing integrity of programs and services.


How is the new Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS) secure?


The new SCIS features several security improvements such as:


•             Laser engraving which burns information directly into the card.

•             Touch data that uses raised letters and numbers on the card surface.

•             Patterns of extremely fine lines that cannot easily be scanned or copied.

•             An ultra-violet image and printing that is visible using specialized equipment; and

•             A window, appearing as a clear area in the card that allows a secondary photo image of the cardholder to be visible from both sides.



To Register Individuals 15 years of age and under or Dependent Adult, you will need to:



These applications are now standard for registering a minor. This application also includes registering Bill C-3 and Bill S-3 applicants.

If you have recently (within the past 3 months) registered your baby with the old Parental Consent form, we will be contacting you to come in and complete the new form. If you do not have updated contact info on file, please call us to confirm your child’s registration application to avoid further delay.


Registration package includes:


•             Completed Registration application (4 pages) with both parent’s signatures

•             Original long form birth certificate (With both parent’s names listed)

•             Supporting documents – custody or guardianship court documents (if applicable)

•             Adoption Order (if applicable)


If opting to also apply for the child’s SCIS then you need:

•             Completed Guarantor form (1 page)

•             2 passport pictures of child – One picture signed by the Guarantor

•             Parent(s) – copy of valid picture ID and second piece of valid ID – Copies verified by signature by the Guarantor


To Register individuals 16 years of age and older, you will need to:


•             Completed ISC FORM 83-130E

•             Original birth certificate (long or short form); AND

•             Two passport style photographs; AND

•             valid identification; AND

•             Completed ISC FORM 83-111E (if applying by mail); AND

•             If you have taken your spouse’s last name – you will need:

•             Copy of marriage certificate(s) (if you have valid ID in married name, OR

•             Original government issued marriage certificate(s) (if you do not have valid ID in married name) OR

•             Legal change of name document


Allowable Forms of ID:


•             Canadian Passport

•             CIS Issued after April 2002



•             Birth Certificate

•             Marriage or Divorce Certificate

•             Provincial Health Card

•             Provincial ID Card

•             Driver’s License

•             Employee ID with digitized photo

•             Student ID with digitized photo

•             Firearms license

•             Expired CIS Card


Restrictions on ID Types Provided:


•             Only original documents are accepted- no photocopies are allowed.

•             Social Insurance (SIN) Cards are not acceptable.

•             ID must be intact and not expired.

•             If you are submitting a Guarantor’s Form, you must supply the original form (not a faxed or photocopied version) and the signature of the Guarantor must appear on the applicant’s photograph.



There is no fee for Adams Lake members to receive their cards. For non-members, there is a $20 charge.


For more information regarding Indian Status in Canada please visit the Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada website:



For information regarding eligibility under Bill C-3, the Gender Equity Act, please visit:



Already Registered SCIS Application Application for CIS

Change of Gender Identifier on Indian Register 15 and Younger

Change of Gender Identifier on Indian Register 16 +

Declaration of Surname on Marriage

Lost or Stolen (CIS) Declaration Form

Registration & SCIS Application 15 –

Registration & SCIS Application 16+

Request to Amend Individual Information

Request to Record a Divorce

SCIS Guarantor Declaration Form

Statement in Lieu of Other Parent’s Signature

Statement of Consent for Transfer 15 year or younfer or Dependent Adult

Statement of consent for Transfer 16 +

Statutory Declaration (Biological Parents)

Statutory Declaration (Family Member)

Statutory Declaration Form

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