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Executive Director – Vaughn Sunday

The Executive Director is the senior manager of Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) and reports to the Band Council. Key areas include: strategic planning; evaluation and implementation of core business decisions; organizing the managers; and overall management of day-to-day operations of ALIB.

Vaughn Sunday

Vaughn Sunday

Executive Director

Background: Born and raised on the Akwesasne Mohawk Nation. Member of the Wolfclan of the Akwesasne longhouse. Mohawk name is Tehoweesonte (Icicle). Worked for many years with the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne. Speaks Mohawk language. Married to Collette Sunday and lives in the Upper Nicola First Nation. Has 4 kids and 4 Grand Children. He is the son of the late Mitchell Sunday who was a lifelong high steel ironworker and Elizabeth Sunday who teaches Mohawk at the Akwesasne Daycare. Vaughn grew up in the Snye part of Akwesasne.



Graduated from Queens University with a Masters degree in Public Administration 2018.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science and Native Studies – Trent University

Banff School of Advanced Management



27 years at Mohawk Council of Akwesasne as Director of Economic Development and Inter Governmental Liaison. 1985-2009, 2013-15

AFN – Sr Policy Analyst 2018

INAC – Sr Analyst 2009-2011



Brought a BMO to Akwesasne and assisted in start of on reserve mortgage program

Project lead Peacetree Mall (Strip Mall) Akwesasne

Co-lead Skakarati Subdivision Akwesasne 18 homes

Project lead – Ohwista Capital Corporation – Aboriginal Capital Corporation

Appointments to Boards and Committees

President – Akwesasne Mohawk Language program (AEDA) 2014-2019

Cando National President – 2006-2008, Vice President 2004-2006

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