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Overview of Projects

The energy sector, involves BC Hydro, Independent Power Producers, Ministry of Energy and Mines, and the Water Comptroller.

Energy Sector

The energy (Wmec) sector, involves BC Hydro, Independent Power Producers, Ministry of Energy and Mines, and the Water Comptroller

Projects in the Territory

BC Hydro Protocol

This would be an agreement between the participating bands within the Secwepemc Nation and BC Hydro.  The goal is to pursue a reconciliation between BC Hydro and the signatory bands on the various initiatives that have been built, are being built and will be built in the Nation.  The model being pursued is the Statimc/BC Hydro agreement. The protocol is merely the first step of many as the reconciliation progresses.

Revelstoke 6 Project

BC Hydro is proposing to install the 6th and final generator to the Revelstoke Dam.  Currently we are at the early stages of consultation.  The project is at the pre-application phase of the Environmental Assessment Process.  A capacity agreement is currently being developed and negotiated with BC Hydro to cover of the necessary studies for the project.  The project has an earliest completion date of October 2021 at a cost of $420,000,000.

Mining Sector

Ministry of Energy and Mines, Environmental Assessment Office, Industry and the Canadian Environmental Office.

Harper Creek

Yellowhead Mining is a Junior Exploration Company operating on TSX Venture Exchange.  They have mineral tenures of 42,636 hectares in the Harper Creek area near Vavenby, BC.  They are proposing to develop and operate the Harper Creek Cooper-Gold-Silver project.

Ruddock Creek

Imperial Metals/Selkirk Metal Corporation conducted extensive exploration including over one kilometer of underground development and surface and underground diamond drilling totaling 25,688 meters.  The property is located between the headwaters of Ruddock Creek and Oliver Creek in the Scip Range of the Monashee Mountains in southeast BC, approximately 155 km northeast of Kamloops, BC.

Land management framework is focused on water and forestry development and will look at the cumulative effects on these resources as well as create an ALIB specific scenario for management in these areas.

Land (Tmicw)

The Adams Lake Indian Band is currently working on a draft Land Management Framework for the Adams Lake drainage system.  This project will be focused on water and forestry development and will look at the cumulative effects on these resources as well as create an ALIB specific scenario for management in these areas.

Projects in the Territory


Involves the Ministry of Natural Resource Operations, Licensees, and other creating forestry type disturbance across the landscape.

Currently there are many corporations operating in our backyard.  These include INTERFOR, Gorman Brothers (CANOE FP), Tolko, BCTS, CANFOR, Gilbert Smith and various salvage operators.  These corporations are responsible for a large amount of disturbance to our Title and Rights.  Currently the only compensation we receive is the FCRSA Agreement we have with the Province. With this in mind an agreement is being piloted with INTERFOR to accommodate and compensate these impacts.  

Relevant details in this proposed agreement:

  • Contracting opportunities,
  • Jobs/Education/Training,
  • Community Development,
  • Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Assessments.

Right of Ways

Identify Right of Ways within our traditional territories, ensure all major development Right of Way agreements are in place.

Linear Developments such as Ministry of Transportation and Infrasturce, (MOTI), Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR), BC Hydro, Telus, Terasen, Kinder Morgan, aka Trans Mountain Pipeline (TMX).

Projects in the Territory


There are 3 Projects in Salmon Arm being proposed by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with Bruhn Bridge, Taft and Illecillewaet being proposed as you move further east.

Due to the large number of projects a 3-year Corridor Wide Agreement was negotiated to oversee this process.

Possible Benefits negotiated to date are: Job Placements, Archaeological works, compensation, monuments and Ancestral Remains Protection.

There has been a demonstrated willingness to work together to establish a working relationship.

Corridor Wide Agreement

  • Salmon Arm West
  • Chase West
  • Illecillewaet
  • Bruhn Bridge (Sicamous)
  • Taft (Malakwa)

Kinder Morgan (Trans Mountain Pipeline)

Trans Mountain is proposing an expansion of its current 1,150-kilometer pipeline between Stratchona Country (near Edmonton, AB) and Burnaby, BC.  If approved the proposed expansion would create a twinned pipeline that would increase the nominal capacity of the system from 300,000 barrels per day to 890,000 barrels per day.

The pipeline follows down the North Thompson River to Kamloops and then overland through Merritt.


Fish & Wildlife

Projects in the Territory

Columbia River Treaty

The Columbia River Treaty process is ongoing, current work is centering on fisheries and currently there is no report on wildlife at this time as it relates to Title and Rights.

Salmon Restoration

The Adams Lake Band is currently working with other Shuswap Bands and other Nations to research the feasibility of restoring salmon to the waterways in the upper Columbia basin.

Culture and Heritage

Projects in the Territory

Skelkwekwelt (Sun Peaks)

Adams Lake Indian Band is partnered with Little Shuswap Lake Indian Band as it relates to Title and Rights issues. A key focus is the investigation of reaching a meaningful resolution to ongoing conflicts at Sun Peaks.

Adams Lake Recreation Site Project

The Adams Lake Indian Band is currently exploring the feasibility of formally taking over a number of recreation sites on Adams Lake that are located on our ancestral village sites.

Chase West Culture Heritage Assessment interviews

Interviews will be conducted to share your knowledge of specified land to identify the historical use and occupancy of those areas. Currently ALIB is interviewing community members about the Chase Creek Road to Jade Mountain, Chase, BC area. Many of the questions will be focused on biographical and genealogical information.

One of the key objectives is to augment existing data records in the areas of: map habitation sites; cultural & spiritual sites; place names; gathering and processing sites; wildlife; traditional trails; hunting; and fishing.  

If you are interested in being interviewed on this project, please contact the Title and Rights department.

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