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Chief & Council

The Band Council of the Adams Lake Indian Band are the elected officials of the Band as per our custom Adams Lake Secwepemc Election Rules.

Chief and Council


In 1996 Adams Lake Indian Band established its own custom election rules. The latest revision approved by Membership was in June, 2014. This was a break from the standard Indian Affairs electoral system and recognized as a positive step to better govern the Band’s political matters and to oversee the administrative affairs in an open and transparent manner.


The Band Council is entrusted by their Membership to represent the Band’s political views and aspirations at all government levels, as well as to all of its many stakeholders, to ensure a strong voice for ALIB locally, provincially and at national levels.

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Term of Office

ALIB’s Chief and Council serve a three-year term. The current Chief and Council were sworn in by an ‘Oath of Office’ in March 2015 and will be in office until the next scheduled election in February, 2018.  There is one Chief and five Councillors elected to share the responsibility to govern Adams Lake Indian Band and to represent all Members as declared in the ‘Oath of Office’.

Council Meetings

Band Council meetings are usually scheduled Tuesdays at 8:30 am in Council Chambers at the main Administration Building (6453 Hillcrest Road, Chase, BC) and usually meet every third Tuesdays of the month at 8:30 am in Council Chambers at Nexe7yelst-Pierre Moyese building (2516 Pierre’s Point Road NW, Salmon Arm, BC).  Please contact Chief & Council Executive Assistant to confirm dates of Council meetings.

Participation by Members

Band Members are welcome to attend most Band Council meetings, the exception being in-camera meetings. Participation is encouraged.  Members need to make prior arrangements to be added to the agenda.

Band Council Representation at Boards/Organizations

Shuswap Nation Tribal Council, Union of BC Indian Chiefs, BC Assembly of First Nations, First Nations Finance Authority, Assembly of First Nations, BC First Nations Leadership Council, Secwepemc Reconciliation Framework Committees, Sexqeltkemc te Secwepemc Lakes Division, Sexqeltkemc Enterprises Inc, Village of Chase, City of Salmon Arm and All Nations Trust.

Chief & Council Reports

Chief & Council reports are distributed in our monthly Newsletter every 2nd month.  Council Reports are scheduled for January, March, May, July, September and November issues of the Cstèlnec Newsletter.

Band Council Members

To view Chief and Council profiles, click on their name above.

Election Rules: Custom Elections Regulations 2023- Final.Signed.pdf

ALIB 2024 Financial Administration Governance Policy_adopted Feb 13, 2024.pdf

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