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Community Safety Department

The Community Safety Department provides oversight to multiple public safety streams, ensuring that each stream has the ability to operate effectively independently, and cohesively, when the need arises.

Fire Department

Community Safety Officer (CSO)

Security Department

Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

Community Safety Initiatives

Justice Initiatives

Mission Statement 

The Community Safety Department is committed to providing the highest quality of public safety initiatives for ALIB members through a tailored approach
which focuses on the safety and security of community members, staff, premises, assets, and the public. We are continuously seeking to improve and enhance our services, to ensure we have the tools in place to meet the public safety needs of future ALIB generations.


General Roles and Responsibilities  

All members of the Community Safety Department are responsible for maintaining general public safety for ALIB members and staff, where we work, live, and play on ALIB lands.  

Goals and Objectives  

To provide service to the community by protecting life, property and environment through prevention, public education and emergency response with well- maintained equipment and highly trained, dedicated personnel.
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