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Public Works Department

Public Works provides management services for Adams Lake Indian Band's water, sewage, roadwork, and community buildings.

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Mission Statement 

The Public Works Department is committed to providing community members with quality infrastructure that is efficient and effective. A key objective is to be responsive and responsible to the needs of community members and to the needs of the natural environment. We seek to improve the quality of life for our members by providing appropriate management of central components of our organization’s infrastructure: water; sewage; roadwork; and community buildings. We strive to continuously improve our operations in order to provide a safe, healthy and sustainable environment. 

General Roles and Responsibilities  

The Public Works Department is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of community water, sewer systems, storm water, public roads, utilities, recreation sites, grounds maintenance of common areas, community buildings and other capital infrastructure.  

The Public Works staff is available to respond to emergencies, that fall within its range of responsibilities, 24 hours a day,7 days a week and 365 days a year.    

Public Works Goals and Objectives  

  • To maintain all assets to a degree that meets or exceeds accepted standards (Band members and other stakeholders). Minimize risk to health and safety of the Band building occupants and affected community members. Strive to provide barrier-free accessibility and energy efficient solutions in all Band buildings.
  • Continue to work in accordance with the Band Community Energy Plan. Allow the Band to plan for efficient and sustainable delivery of energy services and infrastructure.
  • Capacity Building: Strengthen the skills, competencies, and abilities of not only the staff but to build capacity in Band members as well. 
  • Communication: To prevent misunderstanding, build relationships, lower barriers of communication.  
  • Financial Sustainability: Ensure the programs are self-sustainable.   
  • Cultural: Promote Secwepemc culture into programs and delivery services to our members.  Recognize cultural values and their relationship to culturally sensitive infrastructure.

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