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Sexqeltqin Health & Wellness

From Cradle to Grave, Sexqeltqin Health & Wellness Center offers a range of services that serve the needs of our members on & off reserve.

Health Expense Support Fund

Health & Wellness Services

Sxwetsmèllp IR #6 Administration Office, Salmon Arm, BC

Recent Developments

Mission Statement

To work with our health service partners to provide, coordinate, monitor and evaluate the provision of quality health programs for the Adams Lake Band community members.

Community Health Services

Provide health services for our community and its members. Includes: community health nursing; home care nursing; maternal child health; and diabetes care.

Community Wellness Programs

Health and Wellness is focused on building a healthy community by offering a variety of personal wellness and cultural programs.

Community Services

Community service programs are set up to offer assistance to community members. Programs include: patient travel; income assistance; non-insured health benefits assistance; and membership services.

Early Childhood

Provides services to our younger community members and their families. Includes Aboriginal Headstart; Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI); and a new Early Years Centre is being established.

Sxwetsmèllp Office

We offer a variety of services to Sxwetsmèllp and area community members in our Sxwetsmèllp IR6 administration building. A number of ALIB staff members are based out of this office and other staff members schedule visits regularly.

New Programs

We are excited to announce new, innovative and positive development within ALIB Health and Wellness programs. Some of the positive growth includes Livecare, Early Years, health accreditation and our upcoming building expansion

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