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Comprehensive Community Strategic Planning

The CCSP Department in collaboration with all Directors and Managers assist with the formulation of operational goals & objectives with the intent of fulfilling the Community Plan.

Community Plan

From 2009 to 2015 Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB) developed a broad Comprehensive Community Strategic Plan (CCSP). The document is titled Swixweytec – Our Ancestral Voice.  This document puts forth the community’s vision and priorities.  It was presented to Membership March 2015 and ratified by Band Council Resolution in May 2015.   This document also presents the strategic foundation for more detailed plans as they relate to the various departments within ALIB. Please click on the link at bottom of page to view Swixweytec – Our Ancestral Voice.  

Update to Community Plan

The Band Office will create a 2nd Edition 5-year Strategic Plan (2016 to 2021) as to how we, as an organization, will operate by taking into consideration the aspirations of the community.  The 5-Year Plan will help guide the development of ALIB’s financial plans and detailed department work plans for specific actions and timelines.  The Band Council is guided, by this document, in its decision-making approach towards meeting the goals. The document is frequently reviewed in order to take stock of progress and to check how the document aligns with the overall plan. Goals, objectives, priorities and values are examined and reassessed and adjustments are made where necessary.

Vision Statement what does it mean?

Our vision statement is a concise statement that presents what we are working towards, with a focus on establishing priorities to realize what we envision for our community.

Vision Statement in Secwepemctsin

Re Tqeltkúkwpi7 tntels ne7élye ne tmicw es yecwemínte re ќwseltktn-kt, re cќúĺten-kt, re xqweqwlúteń-kt retmicw-kt re tќwemíple7ten-kt, re stselxmém-kt, re pellsúten-kt ell re keknuctn-kt Welmé7 yews, welmé7 yews Me7 tsyecwemínste es le7s r stsyem-kt n7élye ne tmicw, es yecwestsút-kt, es sxyestém r eḱultn-kt tikumíte7, es tselxestsút-kt ell es sxyestwécw-kt tel7éliye te pyin.

Vision Statement in English

“Our Creator placed us on this land to take care of our people, our land, our language, our customs, our knowledge, our culture, our title, to be ours forever and ever. Ensuring that we live in a safe, healthy, self -sufficient community where cultural values and identity are consistently valued promoted and embraced by all.”

Mission Statement what does it mean?

A mission statement communicates the organization’s reason for being, and how it aims to serve its Membership and key clienteles. A written declaration of an organization’s core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. Sometimes mission statements also include a summation of the organization’s values.

Mission Statement in Secwepemctsin

R “Adams Lake Indian Band” melḱwetés r qelmúcws, xqwléllcu es tsetset. s r stuqném̀qst.s.ne tmicws ell e stuqwném̀qst.s ne stems es tselxestés k’weseltkns ell es tnmiǹs r tmicw es cwelcwelts, es tslleq̀éms, es yegwúps ne Secwepemctsí́n ell es tselxestés r  ekuĺtns me7 knucwetsút es tsetset.s r tsyems- welmé7 yews ne7élye ne r tmicws Cstélnec te sq̀7ests.

Mission Statement in English

Through a unified First Nations process and supported by a community process, the Adams Lake Indian Band will succeed in exercising title and rights, enhancing our natural resources, promote community, economic development, health, education, language and cultural awareness thereby continually improving the overall quality of life for all Band members.

Where we are Today

Over the last two years the Community Plan has been instrumental in guiding the organization in implementing some of the more important community priorities. Many key initiatives are in various stages of planning, development and implementation. Some of the areas concentrated on include: governance; administration; infrastructure; community services; natural resources and sustainable development. Additional details of specific areas: how to fund key programs; develop and streamline policies and bylaws; refine and adjust administrative processes; append existing Band documents, such as the Land Use Plan, the Health Plan and the Capital Plan etc. The intent is that each project will work towards the fulfillment of the CCSP. The CCSP team will review, monitor and report how all work and activities are progressing at the annual CCSP information days.  For more information, check the ALIB website or contact CCSP Coordinator at (250)679-8841.

View our Comprehensive Community Strategic Plan here: CCSP 2022 ratified Nov 2023.pdf

 Swixweytec Our Ancestral Voice Ratified

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