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The Communications Department is responsible for leading and managing the development and implementation of the community’s communication initiatives to its Membership and key clienteles.

Communications Department

The Comprehensive Community Strategic Plan (CCSP) identified one of the key community objectives was to streamline and improve a broad range of communication initiatives to its Membership.  Communication planning is part of a larger strategic planning process that provides a proactive framework in ALIB’s management of internal and external communications. Primary objectives of the Communication Plan are to: guide and implement prioritized initiatives; provide timely, accurate information to affected partners; ensure communication to Membership & key clientele is carried out in a timely manner; and recognize and append existing ALIB documents that can be incorporated into the plan.

In 2015 a position was created for a Communications Coordinator to lead and manage the development and implementation of the community’s communication initiatives.

Core Communications Objectives

  • Membership is informed of ALIB’s key initiatives, priorities and activities.
  • Provide Membership with timely, fact-based information that assists them in making well-informed decisions.
  • To build expertise and capacity within the Communication Department.  Provide training and tools to ensure effective communications is delivered.

Communication Strategic Priorities

  • Develop, adjust, refine and assist in the implementation of the organization’s strategic Communication Plan.
  • Improve collaborative internal communications within the ALIB organization.
  • Strengthen communication channels between the organization’s staff and its membership.
  • Collaborate with key people to research, design, develop and create communication processes and procedures.
  • Produce, coordinate and distribute printed publications for the organization.

Current Communications Tools

  • ALIB Website
  • Monthly Cstèlnec Newsletter
  • Annual Report
  • Community Meetings
  • Brochures, Two page visual documents
  • Advertising
  • Mass email
  • Phone invites
  • Survey Forms
  • Membership Contact Database
  • Video Broadcasts/Conferencing
  • Mail outs.

Update Contact/Communication List

Band members are encouraged to update their contact information to ensure the organization can keep them informed on important matters. If you move or change any of your contact information addresses or numbers, please update your information. We use your contact information to keep you informed of upcoming referendums, elections, draft laws and other news relevant to our membership.

Members are also encouraged to let us know how you would like to receive communications from ALIB.  To subscribe to ALIB Member Communication List to receive communications via email, mail, phone, website or video broadcasts.

Please see attached link to Subscribe to ALIB Communications May 2023

Continue to check the ALIB website for more information or contact Communications Coordinator at (250)679-8841.

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