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Health & Wellness Services

Health and Wellness services are offered to Band Members. Some services are offered to non-band members and the general public.

Guiding Principle

We strive to develop and enhance programs to better serve the members. We build partnerships to enrich and improve health services by teaming with other professionals in the health community.

Youth Groups

Currently there are 2 Full time Youth Workers based out of Sahhaltkum IR# 4, and a Cultural/Youth Worker based out of Switsemalph IR# 6.  Activities include but not restricted to:  Supper Club in Switsemalph #6; Fitness & Recreation; Field trips; Youth Council; Gatherings; Youth Conferences; Cultural Activities; and Hunting Camps.

Mental Wellness

ALIB mental wellness program provides many services in the areas of drug and alcohol addictions, crisis intervention, identifying treatment centers, providing mental wellness information, and mental wellness counseling services. We are now able to offer Livecare services (Diagnostic telehealth services is made available from qualified professionals to provide timely diagnosis and treatment and to reduce the expense to patients for primary and specialty medical services.)

Brighter Futures

We thrive on building community resilience and sustainability through health promotion and prevention.  The goal encompasses five components:  Mental Health, Child Development, Parenting, Healthy Babies and Injury Prevention.

Aboriginal Headstart on Reserve

  • Nutrition
  • Culture & language
  • Education and School Readiness
  • Health Promotion
  • Social Support
  • Parental and Family Involvement

Early Years

  • Speech and Language
  • Children at risk
  • Specialist: for FAS, Autism, ADHD

Maternal Child Health

  • Families from pregnancy to child birth
  • Baby Welcoming Ceremony

Prenatal Post Natal

  • Becoming pregnant to giving birth
  • Postpartum – emotional support
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Family Circle

Children’s Oral Health Initiative – 0-7 Years

  • Dental checkups
  • Cleaning,
  • Screening,
  • Fluoride varnish


  • Community Kitchens
  • Community Gardens

Home Care

  • Elders stay at home longer with assistance
  • Provide confidential and friendly service to clients
  • Duties to include light housekeeping and preparing meals

Medical Transportation

  • Provide funding to your specialist appointments

Social Development

  • Social Assistance
  • Family Support
  • Social Development/Training

Elders Group

  • Social activities
  • Recreational activities
  • Cultural activities

Community Health Nursing

Provide areas of care focused on health promotion and disease prevention, chronic disease management, community wide health education initiatives, health surveillance and community health assessments, school health, injury prevention, emergency preparedness & response, and public health initiatives. Community health nursing programs provide services for a person’s entire life span, from prenatal programs to elder programs.

Homecare Nursing

Provide a range of health care and support services for eligible community members requiring acute, chronic, palliative and rehabilitative care. e.g. Personal care aides, home care aides, foot care, etc.

Maternal Child Health

Deliver maternal child health programs that are tailored to the needs of the community members with a focus on healthier pregnancies that foster healthy early years for children. Services include prenatal care, breastfeeding support, routine childhood immunizations, dental, vision and hearing screening, Baby and Toddler Circles and other community support services.

Children’s Oral Health Initiative (COHI)

COHI is an early childhood tooth decay prevention program that focuses on children ages 0-7 years old. The program extends to the children’s parents, caregivers and pregnant women. COHI services include oral screening, fluoride varnish applications and sealants.


The diabetes program is designed primarily to assist clients who have diabetes. Information is provided and various services focus on: monitoring blood pressure; monitoring weight; blood test screening; nutrition education; and physical activity. Foot care is offered, by appointment, for people living with diabetes.

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