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Health Expense Support Fund

Health Expense Support Funds

Health and Wellness recognizes each year there will be unplanned and unforeseen health expenses not covered or not fully covered from the standard health programs. There is a small budget created to assist qualified individuals. There are strict guidelines established to disburse these health support funds.

Each fiscal year the funding allotment is reviewed and a budget is set for the year. Support funds are made available to the following programs; patient travel, assistance with medical benefit expenses, and certain community wellness programs. See details below:

Patient Travel

Travel funds are provided through First Nations Health Authority (FNHA). The funds assist with travel to specialist appointments, when applicable, meal and accommodation expenses may be provided at standard rates. Confirmation for all appointments, meals and accommodations must be made in advance.

Off reserve members requiring FNHA assistance, please call 1-800-317-7878.

Medical Benefits

Provide information and support, especially assistance with questions and concerns regarding medical supplies and equipment, vision services, dental services, and the BC Medical Service Plan.

Community Wellness Funds

Health and Wellness has funds available for qualified individuals to assist with participating in personal development and wellness programs, recreation activities, attending the annual elder’s gathering, Band member travel, and funeral expenses.

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