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Capital Infrastructure

In keeping with Band policies, the Capital Department establishes overarching goals and strategies for the effective and efficient management of Capital Infrastructure Projects on Reserve.

Mission Statement

Establish capital projects that provide efficient and effective community infrastructure which promotes green sustainable solutions which protects and preserves the natural environment through the construction of planned projects which meets the needs of the members.

General Roles and Responsibilities

Adams Lake Indian Band has made an investment in the community through capital infrastructure. Establishing capital infrastructure is a coordinated effort; various band departments and other stakeholders work closely to bring capital projects to fruition. Projects are carefully planned from the conceptual stage all the way to the post construction stage. Capital infrastructure work includes, but is not restricted to: housing projects; utility services; band buildings; roads; water; sewage; and major renovations and retrofits.

Goals and Objectives

  • Maintain a Capital Plan long term planning that meets the community’s needs and adheres to all Band policies.   
  • Establish a capital reserve account. This account is funded annually to ensure sufficient funds are available exclusively for capital projects.
  • Work closely with the Chief and Council and Comprehensive Community Strategic Planning Department to determine the community infrastructure needs and ensure prioritization is given to the more important projects in the Capital Plan.   


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