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Emergency Services

Establish overarching goals and strategies for the effective and efficient management of the Fire Department, Emergency Services and Security.

General Roles and Responsibilities

The Emergency Services Department includes the Adams Lake Indian Band Fire Department, Emergency Management and Security.   

The Adams Lake Indian Band Fire Department provides fire coverage for IR #4. The Band has a signed Municipal Type Service Agreement for fire coverage with the City of Salmon Arm for IR #6.  

The Emergency Management Team consists of staff/band members that have been trained to respond to a variety of major emergencies. The Emergency Plan has been updated by the Emergency Management Team, Advisory Group and Band Council.  

Adams Lake Band Security provides daily patrols of IR #4 and IR #6. The primary focus is to protect the overall health and safety of community members and other stakeholders and to reduce damage to band assets.   

Goals and Objectives

  • Establish standard operating procedures, policies and bylaws necessary for the Fire Department, Security and Emergency Services Departments to run efficiently and effectively. Be prepared for major emergencies and disasters. Reduce the incidence of injury, loss of life and property damage, and the risk to health and safety to community members and other stakeholders.
  • Educate the community on ways to reduce risk to themselves, their families, community members and other stakeholders.
  • Strengthen the skills, competencies and abilities of staff members and ensure that Band members are included in some of the training programs.
  • Establish communication guidelines to reduce misunderstandings, build relationships and to lower barriers between the organization and its members.
  • Promote and incorporate Secwepemc culture into programs and delivery service to members.  Recognize cultural values and their relationship to culturally sensitive infrastructure.


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